Industrial Automation and Automation Systems.

Our main directions are state of the art solutions using variable frequency drives – standalone equipment, complex systems and special solutions like testing benches. Also, we develop control systems for industrial boilers, pumping stations, ventilation and air conditioning custom tailored power supply systems.

We are complete solution provider and can offer to our customers:

  • feasibility study;
  • project design;
  • complete set of equipment manufactured by our facilities or our partner companies including testing procedures;
  • software development for PLC, HMI, SCADA systems;
  • complete set of technical papers including instructions, special permissions and certifications;
  • construction and installation;
  • commissioning;
  • personnel trainings;
  • Warranty and after warranty service.

In our projects we apply PLC, HMI, low voltage and medium voltage equipment produced by well-known brands and also suggested by our customers. Among them ABB, B&R, Comsys, Danfoss, Delta, Hyundai, LSIS, Moxa, MSc Electronics, Omron, Trafeco, Vacon, VEO, Vesper, WE Tech, Wientek, Wika.

Examples of our most interesting projects:

For the power steam boilers that working on different kinds of fuel it very important to have variable capacity blowing fan and exhausted fan. The best way to solve this task is to use variable frequency drives. However, those fans are rather critical equipment for the whole technology process and for safety aspects. Stable VFD operation even during power voltage drop or loss is very important. IC "ART" has developed the MV VFD system for 2*300 kW blowing fans and 2*400 kW exhaust fans of the power boiler including uninterruptable motor drive system. This system allow one blowing fan and fans to continue operation

Structural arrangement of the equipment UMD, VFD, fans on HMI screen.

Heated water supply plant had installed and started turbine generator with 900 kW capacity. This made possible to supply whole plant with own electrical power. However, when big capacity 630 kW net pump starting the generator power was not enough for direct start. Designed and supplied be IC "ART" MV VFD system allow to soft start any of 3 net pumps and control its workload through frequency regulation. In this way MV VFD allow to save electrical power and what is more important for the Customer allow them using their own power generator for all stages of technology processes.

MV VFD system for 3x630 kW 6 kV net pumps.