About Company.

Ethics Code.

Creating automation control systems we save for people their main resources – energy and time.

We help specialists in technology, power and automation to work better and with less cost.

We give to managers effective tools for reducing costs and busting efficiency of business.

Our main assets are our Colleagues and our relationships with our Partners and Customerscjn

Our main values are honesty and equity; understanding and partnership; expertize and ability; passion to Business; responsibility and drive to excellence.

We constantly move towards long term targets.

We want to be creative, to be in harmony during our work and rest time, to give to our colleagues the best chances for their personal grouth.

Some history.

IC "ART" was found in 1999 in Saint Petersburg by engineers and professors of Military Engineering and Technical University and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI". They had extensive experience with variable frequency drives applications and had already tested ABB, Danfos, Siemens, Vacon drives.

During 1999 – 2000 IC "ART participated in State project in Pskov region and installed several VFD systems for water supply stations.

In February 2001 first medium voltage VFD system was started in heated water plant in Pskov. Four pumps with 630 kW, 6 kV motors.

In April 2001 first special application program were developed for Vacon internal controller (FC 1131).

September 2001 first VFD system for steam boiler fans were started.

2001 – 2003 we implement first big project with 224 VFD units on 182 different sites in Vodokanal of St. Petersburg.

October 2003 first "two transformers" VFD system were started in Belorussia.

March 2004 IC"ART" become authorized service partner of Vacon PLC.

2005 Fist VFD system for steam boiler fans with MV motors.

2006 First Automatic Control System for heated water plant were started in Pskov.

May 2007 First liquid cooled VFD system for net pumps

2007 – 2008 First big project with Vodokanal of Nizhni Novgorod. Automation Control Systems and SCADA system were itegrated.

2008 First medium voltage VFD system for 800 kW synchronous motors

2009 First VFD system for coal feed tracks for CES Holding's power plant

2010 Automation Control System for steam boiler were started in Moscow.

July 2011 IC "ART" became authorized service center of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

2011 – 2012 The project for Automation Control Systems and SCADA systems integration for more than 30 sites in Vodokanal of Volgograd.

August 2012 IC "ART" became authorized service center of VEO for VEDA and VELC systems.

March 2013 IC "ART" became authorized service center of MSc Traction for special converters.

June 2013 First VFD system with Hyundai MV drives N5000 were started. 8 pumps could be controlled simultaneously.

September 2013 IC "ART" became authorized service center of COMSYS for active harmonics filter.

February 2014 First MV VFD system with Hyundai N5000 drives. The power for this system is supplied from standalone turbine generator.

April 2014 First complex investigation for EMC were made at gas&oil field.

July 2015 First uninterruptable motor drive system (UMD) for power boiler fans were started. VFD system enables 2*200 kW plus 2*400 kW 6 kV motors with UMD functionality.

September 2015 IC-ART certified as official service partner of Danfoss Drives.

December 2015 First project with Rosscor Coolfax at Titova oilfield. Multiphase pumping station commissioning.

January 2016 Repair works for TMEIC MVFD power sells.

May 2016 Finished commissioning of propulsion power system and shaft-driven generator for Guard ship “North Star”. Equipment had been supplied by WE Tech Solitions Oy.

June 2016 Installation and commissioning of first harmonics compensation system for electrical equipment of 16 MW gas compressor. Works with UPS. Project with Gazprom “North stream”.

Certification and Licenses.

Engineering Center ART has been certified according to ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001-2008).

We have all licenses and approvals needed for development of projects in critical industrial applications such as Power plants, Water supply and Water treatment, Oil&Gas, Mining.